KatheSchaaf_paintings 003Kathe Schaaf weaves together her years of experience
as a teacher and writer,
as a non-profit director and a psychotherapist,
as a mother and a community organizer,
with her passion about the value of women to the world.

Kathe has been bringing leadership to a unique series of conversations at the intersection of women’s leadership and feminine spirituality for more than a decade. She has been involved in birthing and leading the following initiatives:

· Gather the Women (2002 -2007)
· Trans-partisan Dialogues for the Women of Southern California (2008)
· Gender and Power at the Edge of the New Frontier (2008)
· At the Intersection of Sovereign and Sacred: Feminine Spirituality and
Authentic Leadership (2008)
· Constellations of Hope: An Invitation to Organizational Collaboration (2008)
· Women’s Spirit Council (2009)
· Women of Spirit and Faith (2010- present)

Kathe is one of the editors of a new anthology, Women, Spirituality and KSS_0081-RFoptTransformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power published in October 2011 by SkyLight Paths. She is the author of Some Things I Know to be True, a narrative poem exploring feminine leadership, published in 2006 in a unique artistic collaboration with mandala artist Charlotte Backman. Kathe is currently working on Reclaiming Grace, a collection of poetry and autobiographical essays which will include stories of her amazing conversations with women around the world. She is also an artist, having created more than 24 paintings in a collection of multi-media images of the Divine Feminine.

“Kathe Schaaf is truly a Prophet among us. Powerful and wise woman inspired, she sees beyond the horizon to a glorious day when Sacred Balance for all Human Beings will once again be. Her words and actions are in a Dance with that Vision. Elah!” — Adelia Sandoval, Cultural Liaison for the Indigenous peoples of Orange County, The Acjachemen Nation

“Kathe speaks from her heart …and her passion is contagious.”

Kathlyn Schaaf, M.A., M.F.T.

B.S. University of Wisconsin – Madison (1974) Secondary Education/ English
M.A. Antioch University – Los Angeles (1992) Clinical Psychology

Marriage and Family Therapist – California (1996 – present)

Professional History
Teacher – English, Drama – Edgerton High School, Wisconsin (1974-1979)
Executive Director – Positive Youth Development – Madison, Wisconsin (1980-1986)
Field Director – California Special Olympics Santa Monica, California (1988 – 1989)
Marriage and Family Therapist – Private practice (1990 – 2005)
Co-Founder/ Leadership Core – Gather the Women (2002 – 2007)
Co-Founder/ Leadership Circle – Women of Spirit and Faith (2010 – present)
Consultant – Organizational and Leadership Development (1985 – present)
Trustee – Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions (2012 – present)
Co-Chair – Women’s Task Force at the Parliament of the World’s Religions ( 2012 – present)

Now That You’ve Begun: A Guide to Keeping Your Community Group Going, Wisconsin Positive Youth Development Initiative, Inc. (1984)

Intergenerational Programs: A Resource for Community Renewal, Wisconsin Positive Youth Development Initiative, Inc. (1985)

The Status of Wisconsin’s Children: Recent Trends in Resources and Child Well-Being, Consulting Editor; Wisconsin Bureau of Children, Youth and Families (1987)

Preparing Your Community: A Guide to Community Action Planning With Teresa Hogue; Oregon Community Children and Youth Services Commission

Youth Participation in the Juvenile Justice System and Beyond: A Reality Check; Future Choices; Youth Policy Institute (1991)

Contributing Writer: Spheres (2005-2007)

Poetry – Some Things I Know to be True (2005); A Power Such as the World Has Never Known (2006); Me and You and Mom (2007)

Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power. SkyLight Paths. October 2011

Contributing Writer – The Interfaith Observer (2012)

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