KatheSchaaf_paintings 017It’s A Remarkable Time To Be A Woman On This Planet.

As the old paradigms based upon domination, greed and power come tumbling down all around us, the gentle wisdom of the feminine is rising. Feminine principles, which have been so long devalued, are now being acknowledged as crucial to building a sustainable global community and healing the planet: compassion, intuition, inclusion, interdependence, mutuality and collaboration. The local grassroots activism of women in all parts of the world is teaching us how to build sustainable economic models. Women are stepping up to redefine leadership everywhere from Kenya to Kansas, even as they face daunting challenges.

I have been blessed to spend the past decade of my life working with remarkable women from all parts of the world, listening to their stories and learning about the evolving forms of feminine leadership (often from the inside out). I have seen the resilience and creativity of a grassroots woman in action, and I have been inspired by her profound commitment to do whatever it takes to make life better for her family and community. I have witnessed so many women who are weaving a new world quietly every day with curiosity, compassion and creativity.

John Shea in Stories of God writes, “When order crumbles, mystery rises.” I see this pattern of emerging feminine wisdom deeply nurtured and brilliantly guided by a spiritual force larger than us all. Women who call upon the Divine using many different names and who represent many diverse spiritual traditions are gathering now, united by their vision of a better world.

My passion is to help build the sacred web of connections among women both personally and globally, among the diverse organizations where women gather and across the many barriers which challenge both our unity and our effectiveness. It has been my blessing to be in the leadership circles of several powerful women’s organizations over the past decade and to partner with many more. I see this tide of women’s leadership reaching a global tipping point … now.

Blessed be.

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