Kathe can bring her gifts and vision to you or your organization.


Inspirational Speaker 
“I have been taken with her ability to articulate some of the profound changes of our time, monitoring the underground pulse of the era, reflecting both the limitations and the possibilities of our world, and offering a heartening vision of the role that we can each play in affecting change….” —Odile Nicolette, Numinosa Art & Creativity Center

“…Listening to her speak takes you on an exploratory adventure in to what is possible for humanity.” — Kathie Murtey, Global Social Activist


Design and Facilitation of Collaborative Dialogue  
“In some ways, the world is changing too fast, and in others, the change can’t come fast enough. I see Kathe as a mentor, expertly surfing the currents of transformation, knowing when to wait, and when to act. She has the inner fire of dedication to a greater good that distinguishes a great leader; when others would despair or rage, she perseveres with gentle movement in the direction of the “yes.” And as a model of the “new paradigm,” non-hierarchical leader, she invites everyone into their own experience of authentic power, connecting and collaborating”
— Charlotte Backman


Catalyst and Consultant: New Paradigms of Leadership 
“Kathe Schaaf is a natural leader — warm, direct, smart as can be, and absolutely unassuming — a gifted listener. Her passion for transformative activism runs so deep she almost crackles with it” — Carol Lee Flinders, Author, At the Root of this Longing: Reconciling a Spiritual Hunger and a Feminist Thirst


Kathe Schaaf Phone: 949-300-7060 

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