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The Interfaith Observer

Honoring Uur Spiritual Foremothers



Hear Kathe discussing The Emerging Feminine and a New Way of Being (and Doing!) with Jamie Walters, part of Jamie’s series of ‘InspiraLogues’ archived at Ivy Sea Online:

South Dakota Public Radio Interview

A short segment on the event for her program ‘Dakota Digest”

Interviewed on Circle Connections Blogtalk Radio

 March 28, 2012

Listen: Click to listen

Interviewed by Willi Paul of Magazine

Women and Spirituality at The UN Commission on The Status of Women

"Kathe Schaaf is a gift for all of us looking for new authentic leadership models in these times of global change and challenge! Her honesty, energy and willingness to be vulnerable inspire deep commitment to making a better world. She has a wonderful way of igniting people to do the work they have come here to do and I personally have been kindled by her kindness, courage and visionary ways." — Clare Peterson, Gather the Women Canada
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